Mayyada Wazaify

Mayyada Wazaify is a Professor of Pharmacy Practice at The School of Pharmacy at the University of Jordan and an Adjunct Professor in Social Pharmacy at The University of Helsinki, Finland. She obtained The Best Scientific Research Award by the Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar in 2013, the Distinguished Researcher Award at University of Jordan in 2011 and 2012 and was an Advisor of the 41st Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECDD) of the World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva in 2018. She has consulted for Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and Jordan Anti-Narcotics Department since 2004.

‘A mosaic is a conversation’: The beauty, shapes, opportunities, and challenges of international collaboration in addiction research

International collaboration has always been essential to boost social and personal growth and broaden one’s horizons, hence, improving both a researcher’s personality and career. This is true especially in such a dynamic, rapid-changing field such as drug addiction, where this collaboration can consolidate the scientific activity and exchange of expertise which eventually improves methods and outcomes.

This presentation adds to the other 2 presentations in the symposium and reflect-from the speaker’s point of view-on the cross-cultural issues within different collaboration opportunities with international research partners. The presentation will draw examples from projects on Over-The-Counter (OTC) and prescription drug use in Jordan, Finland, Iraq, Palestine, UK, and Yemen. Moreover, light will be shed on the most important lessons learnt in the past 20 years of working in the field of drug abuse research in different settings (e.g. community pharmacy, addiction rehabilitations centers, refugee camps). The speaker will highlight the different shapes of collaboration (e.g. research, teaching, joint student supervision, capacity building) while considering how to maximise benefits while not underestimating and how to overcome the challenges.