Simon Bradley

Simon is the Director of the Social Issues Research Centre and Associate Director at Galahad. He is a seasoned qualitative researcher with more than 20 years’ experience of recruiting and moderating focus groups, undertaking participant observation and ethnographies, co-ordinating public engagement exercises and conducting depth interviews in the UK and overseas, in person and remotely. As a research generalist, Simon has worked across a variety of policy areas including, but not limited to: Education; Arts & Culture; Business & Enterprise; Crime & Justice; Defence & Armed Forces; International Aid & Development; Health & Social Care; Tax & Revenue; Science & Innovation, etc.

A qualitative investigation into the impact of a CDT (drug) discharge on substance misuse and mental health among service leavers

Although the exact numbers of CDT failures are not routinely published, data available through Freedom of Information (FoI) requests (MoD) and research papers suggest that between 600 and 750 serving personnel return a positive CDT result each year. In line with current guidance it is likely that most would be dismissed as a result.

This presentation summarises the findings of the research project funded by the FiMT entitled: Fall Out: Substance misuse and Service leavers: a qualitative investigation into the impact of a CDT (drug) discharge. It is the first UK-based study of its kind focusing on a specific cohort of Early Service Leavers (ESLs); those dismissed from the Armed Forces as a result of a positive drug test. The Fall Out study, through qualitative enquiry, sought to investigate the discharge and transition experience of a cohort of ex-Forces personnel who were discharged as a result of a positive Compulsory Drug Test (CDT) result. Among other issues, the study explored drivers of substance misuse and the impact of a CDT discharge on transition pathways. Fall Out has provided clear recommendations for the development and delivery of policy and processes to improve outcomes for CDT leavers.

Research funded by: Forces in Mind Trust

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