Niamh Fitzgerald

Niamh Fitzgerald is a Professor of Alcohol Studies and Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and Health at University of Stirling, where she leads on teaching and public engagement on alcohol for the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS). Niamh is the deputy director of the SPECTRUM (Shaping public health policies to reduce inequalities and harm) research consortium (2019-2024), and President of the International Confederation of Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug Research Associations (ICARA).

Niamh specialises in mixed methods alcohol policy research and has broad interests within that field. Current areas of focus include retail premises licensing, drink driving limits, minimum unit pricing, framing in alcohol policy debates, conflicts of interest, and alcohol use in pregnancy. Niamh is recognised internationally for her work on alcohol brief interventions, having advised WHO-Europe, NHS Health Scotland and several European governments.


Global perspectives on Covid-19 and substance misuse: A report from the ICARA webinar series

An introduction to ICARA (the International Confederation of Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug Research Associations), and to the Webinar Series
Chaired by Niamh Fitzgerald, ICARA President

A panel discussion, with Rachel O’Donnell, Claire Wilkinson and Rosalie Liccardo-Pacula

Considering questions, including:
What do we know about the direct effects of the pandemic on consumption?

Did ICARA’s webinar presenters highlight any wider or systemic changes that could have important implications for consumption and related harms?
e.g. black market; policy changes; industry responses?

What (else) have we learned from the research being done during Covid-19 that we didn’t know before?

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Session video