Mr Chris Strachan

Chris Strachan is a volunteer at ‘Positive Response to Overcoming Problems of Substance Misuse’ (PROPS) north east, which provides support individuals and family members of those who have problems of substance misuse. Chris is in personal recovery from addiction and now works with PROPS to support other service users through their community reinforcement approach. Chris is passionate about helping people to find and sustain recovery.

Illicit stimulant use from a user perspective

This presentation includes an insight into the current Novel Psychoactive Substance market from a user perspective, and a personal reflection of using Amphetamine Type Stimulants from an experienced user in remission. Chris gives an insight into his drug use between 15-21 years of age. He shares his experiences of using at his most intense period, including taking 7-14g mephredrone, 40-50 benzodiazepines, 7-10g cannabis, and 2-3g Ketamine. Chris has used most amphetamine type stimulants with various positive and negative experiences. Although in remission, he discusses what this means for him i.e. moving into infrequent use. After finishing psychological treatment he cautiously tested himself using MDMA (every 3-4 months), and he describes how and why he did this. The focus is also directed at the widespread misunderstanding of an NPS user, and connections are made to media ‘hype’ around cannabinoid users. Chris asks whether NPS are really any different to other substances (like ATS) that are available.

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