Petra Meier

I studied psychology at the University of Heidelberg in Germany, before completing an MSc by Res in Child Health (University of Hertfordshire) and a PhD in Epidemiology & Health Sciences (University of Manchester). I was a Lecturer in Psychology for two years after my doctorate, before joining the University of Sheffield in 2006 where I am now Professor of Public Health.

Kettil Bruun Society Conference, June 2017

The Kettil Bruun Society organises regular meetings for the presentation of research papers and discussion. The main activity is the annual alcohol epidemiology symposium, which is generally attended by 150-250 persons.

The annual symposium is unusual in that it has no invited speakers and consists of presentations on work in progress but nearing publication. As such it is an incredibly important meeting for alcohol researchers who wish to keep informed about ongoing work, and to tailor their own research endeavours to take account of the most up-to-date scientific work. The format is for two thematically linked presentations of 10 minutes each, which then undergo public, peer review by an expert colleague. This is a useful learning opportunity for less experienced researchers (many junior and/or international), and often helps authors iron out problems before submission to a journal.

Kettil Bruun Society Conference Report, July 2017