Andrea Mohan

Dr. Andrea Mohan is a Lecturer in the School of Health Sciences at the University of Dundee and is a public health researcher. She has worked on research projects that focused on alcohol policy such as drink-driving and alcohol licensing, and on the lived experiences of people with alcohol and drug problems. She is the Vice President of the International Confederation of Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) Research Associations (ICARA), an international, nongovernmental, multidisciplinary and civil society organization bringing together ATOD societies to promote, support and enhance ATOD science locally and globally.

Managing alcohol problems in primary care: a service for low engagers from deprived areas

People from the most deprived areas in Scotland experience greater inequalities in harms caused by alcohol. A recent qualitative study explored the experiences of service users and staff of a specialist alcohol service in Glasgow, the Primary Care Alcohol Nurse Outreach Service (PCANOS). The service employed addiction nurses (ANs) who supported patients referred from Deep End practices (those serving the most 100 deprived areas in Scotland) who did not engage with other alcohol services. ANs used a person-centred approach and provided a range of interventions including detoxes and behavioural counselling; these were conducted in patients’ homes, providing flexibility, a safe environment and reducing feelings of stigma and isolation. Patients reported a reduction in their alcohol intake, improved health and wellbeing and improved relationships with their families as a result of engaging with PCANOS. ANs worked collaboratively with practice staff and coordinate the patients’ care, making sure that patients were supported to navigate through the healthcare system. PCANOS addresses an important gap in service provision by supporting individuals from deprived areas with alcohol problems. Other areas where this unmet need exists may benefit from PCANOS.