Gillian Tober

Gillian Tober is a former trustee and former president of the Society for the Study of Addiction. Until recently, she was employed by the Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, as a Consultant Psychologist, Clinical Service Manager and Head of Training. She is an Associate Senior Lecturer at the University of Leeds. Her research is in the measurement of addiction treatment delivery, the measurement of treatment outcomes, the effectiveness of addiction treatment and the nature and measurement of substance dependence. Her clinical work includes the development of and supervision in the use of treatment manuals. She co-edited Motivational Dialogue and Methadone Matters, and is author of a number of published research papers and book chapters.

Measuring change in dependence

The Leeds Dependence Questionnaire (LDQ) measures substance dependence, is validated for the measurement of alcohol and heroin dependence and is in the process of validation for nicotine dependence. Its ability to measure dependence in general population samples of drinkers and in samples of ex-heroin users is described; its ability to measure change over tfme in a clinical population is presented as demonstration of its utility in routine clinical outcome monitoring.