Dr Musa Sami

Clinical Research Training Fellow

I am an SpR in General Adult Psychiatry with an interest in addiction. I have a longstanding interest in the area and have won prizes both as a student and postgraduate trainee including the RCPsych student prize in Addiction (2007), the Medical Council of Alcohol 2nd prize (2006), and the Registrar Prize Lecture in the RCPsych Faculty of addiction (2017). I have maintained special interest sessions in addiction studies in research and clinical capacities. I am currently undertaking a Clinical Research Training Fellowship funded by the Medical Research Council in the area of cannabis and psychosis.

Primum non nocere: Ethical and clinical dilemmas in the private marketplace

I am a psychiatrist with an interest in addiction treatment in academic and clinical practice. I will discuss the ethical dilemmas for clinical practitioners at the interface of patient care. The clinician’s responsibility to deliver patient care is constrained by the resources to hand. The clinician has to ensure the primacy of his or her duty to the patient. These include the four pillars of medical practice: beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and autonomy. A tension arises between the sustainability of the business and the duties of clinicians who work there towards patients and society, which is expressed in any conflicts between best practice in a profit driven business and the role of clinical guidelines. Without discussing individual cases or practitioners I will discuss where the clinician’s responsibilities and the profit driven model may bifurcate and suggest a framework for resolution.

There is no funding for this work. I have previously worked in private and NHS detoxification units.