Mr Erikas Simonavicius

Smokers who do not try alternative nicotine products: who are they?

Tobacco and nicotine products have a continuum of health risks, and tobacco smoking occupies the most harmful end of this continuum. Using alternative nicotine products (nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), e-cigarettes or heated tobacco) instead of smoking may substantially reduce health risks and using them alongside smoking can increase the likelihood of quitting smoking. However, many smokers have never tried any other nicotine products than cigarettes, which is a missed opportunity for harm reduction and cessation. Little is known about this substantial group of smokers. The study will aim to assess how many smokers in Great Britain (GB) have never tried alternative nicotine products and to identify their characteristics.
Secondary analysis of GB population-based sample of 1,777 adult smokers who were surveyed online in March 2019. A multivariate logistic regression will assess how never use of alternative nicotine products is associated with participants’ sociodemographic (gender, age, ethnicity, education, socioeconomic status) and smoking (non-daily/daily, motivation to stop, cigarettes smoked per day, time to the first cigarette) characteristics. Smokers who have never used e-cigarettes, NRT or heated tobacco products will be compared with smokers who have ever tried the same products using Pearson’s χ2 test and Cramer’s V.
The analysis has not yet been conducted.
Findings will give insight into a group of smokers who are usually left out from smoking cessation research and practice.

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