Arun Dhandayudham and Devon De Silva

Dr Arun Dhandayudham is WDP’s Medical Director, leading on medical practice across the organisation. Dr Dhandayudham is a Consultant in Addictions Psychiatry and trained in Oxford and Cambridge. Dr Dhandayudham has extensive experience setting up community drug and alcohol services, prison services and dual diagnosis services. He has an interest in online shopping addiction, PTSD and chronic arousal states such as pain and anxiety.

Devon De Silva manages WDP’s Innovation and Research Unit (IRU) which aims to bridge the gap between academia and service delivery. The IRU achieves this by designing and contributing to research within the addictions sector, whilst also developing and evaluating innovations that enhance service delivery. Devon’s primary research focus is the evaluation of pilot programmes launched within WDP e.g. WDP’s Buvidal pilot, GLOVES Programme, Capital Card, and Open Dialogue.

Dr Della Santhakumar and Dr Vivienne Gosnell are highly experienced Clinical Leads involved in the successful delivery of Buvidal within WDP. They have also been integral in the collection of quantitative and qualitative data during the Pilot.

The feasibility and acceptability of long-acting buprenorphine

Aims To determine the feasibility and acceptability of Buvidal within community substance misuse services.

Design Mixed method analysis of service user, WDP staff and pharmacy staff experience Setting WDP is a community substance misuse service provider and the Buvidal pilot was launched within WDP Redbridge in 2019.

Participants 31 service users have been offered Buvidal. WDP practitioners, clinical staff and the local pharmacy are involved in the delivery of the pilot.

Intervention Service users were offered Buvidal, a long-acting Buprenorphine, as an alternative to traditional forms of buprenorphine/methadone.

Measurements Quantitative data was captured from the service’s case management system and qualitative data was captured from satisfaction surveys

Findings and conclusions Identified eligibility criteria- Buvidal successfully works for complex service users, service users new to treatment and stabilised service users. Buvidal may not be appropriate for those wishing reduction; Engagement and retention- 25 service users (81%) commenced and continued using Buvidal, 6 service users did not. ; Reasons for engagement/retention- participants explained that Buvidal was more convenient and provided independence e.g. Buvidal means ”I can carry on with life without being tied to the chemist’.” ‘Buvidal works particularly well for parent and/or those employed.; Reasons for disengagement / declining- reasons included not liking injections, service users going off script, not being able to use on top, being transferred to custody and detox. ; Service user and staff experience of Buvidal and been predominantly positive and WDP will continue to offer Buvidal to service users meeting the eligibility criteria.