Dr Suzi Gage

Dr Suzi Gage’s research interests are to explore the associations between lifestyle behaviours and mental health. She is particularly interested in teasing out causality in these associations. She is a Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow.

The Psychedelic Renaissance in Addiction Treatment – 2017

The psychedelic group of compounds are undergoing a renaissance in the treatment of psychiatric and addictive disorders. The expert speakers in this session provide an update on the underlying science and the latest research for psychedelic-assisted therapies as novel addiction treatments. Hear Suzi in conversation with the presenters in three new podcasts as part of her acclaimed Say Why to Drugs series by clicking on the PODCAST links below.

Albert Garcia-Romeu, a member of the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences faculty at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine explores contemporary clinical research with psilocybin, presents key methodological issues in working with psychedelics, and highlights important clinical considerations in studying psychedelics as a therapeutic tool. PODCAST

Ben Sessa is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist working in adult addictions and adolescent secure services who carries out psychopharmacology research at Bristol, Imperial College and Cardiff universities. He describes his ongoing research project with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy as a treatment for alcohol use disorder. PODCAST

Ketamine has been hailed as a wonder drug in the treatment of depression, producing a rapid and dramatic antidepressant effect in some individuals but emerging evidence suggests it may also be effective in the treatment of addiction. Pioneering work in the 1980s in Russia found that 3 doses of ketamine accompanied by psychotherapy reduced 12-month relapse rates in severe alcohol use disorder by around 40%. Celia Morgan from the University of Exeter and colleagues are now exploring this effect in a multi-site MRC funded randomised controlled trial. Professor Morgan’s presentation reviews this evidence, discusses ongoing work and consider ethical issues in the use of ketamine in the treatment of addiction. PODCAST


November 2017