Junaid Khan

Junaid Khan is a reformed ex-criminal and addict wanting to use his experiences to enable people, to journey towards fulfilling their potential. Currently volunteering with Providence Row a charity That tackles the root causes of homelessness. East London NHS-Tower Hamlets Recovery College, Supporting well-being and mental health recovery through education and learning. Humankind charity where he is training to become a recovery practitioner.
He is also the winner of Recovery Street Film Festival 2019.

The Recovery Street Film Festival

The Recovery Street Film Festival is a project that encourages people in recovery to share their stories through short film making. The process of making, sharing, viewing and reflecting on the festival films is designed to help us put aside the stereotypical narratives of addiction and connect through our shared hopes, aspirations, dreams and fears. The aim of the festival is to play a part in addressing the self, societal and structural stigma of addiction that creates harm and leads to discrimination.