Dr Bernadette Hard

Kaleidoscope Project

Use of Espranor® for opioid substitution therapy: results from a local service evaluation

Aims: Espranor(R) is an oral formulation of buprenorphine with rapid dissolution properties. The aim of this service evaluation was to evaluate opioid substitution therapy (OST) adherence and on-top opioid usage following initiation of Espranor(R) in patients with current or recent criminal justice involvement and active opioid use disorders. The Kaleidoscope project is a charity supporting OST services in hard-to-reach patient group. This abstract provides a snap shot of results of an evaluation of the OST service from a single Kaleidoscope centre.

Design: Local service evaluation by retrospective medical chart review.

Setting: Kaleidoscope centre (Dyfodol), Cardiff, Wales

Participants: Patients aged >18 years receiving Espranor(R) between January 2017 and June 2019 as part of the Kaleidoscope project in Cardiff.

Measurements: Data on patient demographics, Espranor(R) dosage, date and results of urinary morphine tests were collected and analysed.

Findings and conclusions: A total of 197 patients received OST (methadone or Espranor(R)). Data from 24 patients (2 females and 22 males) who received Espranor(R) were analysed. The mean (standard deviation, SD) age of patients was 38.6 (5.3) years. The mean (SD, range) duration of Espranor(R) treatment was 18.6 (22.7, 1 to 86) weeks and the mean (SD) last dispensed dose was 12.5 (3.9) mg. All 24 patients were tested for urinary morphine levels between February and July 2019. All 24 urinary morphine test results were negative (100%, n=24). In conclusion, the results of this local service evaluation show that patients receiving Espranor(R) OST are successfully able to remain free of on-top opioid usage.

Poster link: Use of Espranor® for opioid substitution therapy: results from a local service evaluation