Professor David Foxcroft

David Foxcroft PhD is Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health at Oxford Brookes University in England. His programme of work is focused on understanding (and improving) behaviour in context, especially how social structures (e.g. families, schools, communities, employers, regulation, government) can support improved health and wellbeing in communities and populations. A focus is the prevention of risk behaviours in children and young people. David is President of the European Society for Prevention Research, an Editor of the International Cochrane Collaboration Drug and Alcohol Group, a recipient of the U.S. Society for Prevention Research Tobler Prize for his Cochrane work, and co-author of the prize winning book “Drug Policy and the Public Good” (first edition).

What does the scientific evidence tell us about the effectiveness of prevention?

This presentation outlines what the evidence tells us about prevention of drug use, with a particular emphasis on young people

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November 2017