Pat Tyrie

I am a retired NHS Administrative Manager currently with full time care of my grandson. I sat on the Dundee Drugs Commission in 2018 as a family member with lived experience and following this I joined the project looking at the Youth in Iceland Model for possible adoption in Dundee and further. I am keen to promote reducing the risk for young people in the use of substances, and keen to see further understanding amongst policy makers and the wider public on the effect of addiction on children’s development and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Why prevention is needed in Dundee – the case of the Youth in Iceland Model

Scotland has generally had higher rates of teenage substance use than many other European countries. There are also high rates of substance use among adults, and unfortunately also high rates of drug and alcohol related deaths. Dundee had some of the highest rates of drug related deaths and this led to the Dundee Drugs Commission being established. Pat, a member of the commission, will discuss the growing need for more primary prevention activities and why the Youth in Iceland Model was of interest to those in Dundee.

This project was funded by the SSA.
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