Debbie Pinkerton

Registered General Nurse


My name is Debbie Pinkerton, I am a Registered General Nurse.

I am also a nurse prescriber and currently undertaking Advanced Nurse Practitioner Traineeship (final year) through Ulster University and Northern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland in Addictions. My role is between the regional addictions unit in Northern Ireland, and community addictions.

I have a background of nursing in the custodial setting.

My current role involves working with women and men with addiction to alcohol, opiates or other substances. Additionally; meeting with women during the perinatal period, meeting with women to talk about family planning, undertaking physical health clinic for men and women who are involved with addiction services, assessing, diagnosing and prescribing for people with addictions.

My intention is to apply for the systematic review completed as part of my Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice to be published in Addiction journal.