Dr Beverly Love

PhD Psychology Student, University of Surrey

Research Area


Beverly Love is in her final year of a part time research PhD in Psychology at the University of Surrey. The research is about the cycle of relapse and recovery of Class A drug misusing offenders who are part of the Drug Interventions Programme (DIP). Beverly’s interests within this area stem from her time developing and implementing the DIP across England & Wales during her time working for the UK Government’s Home Office (2002-2010). Whilst employed there she was permitted by the Government to conduct her MSc research about the effectiveness of the Aftercare element of the DIP, which helped to inform the direction and scope of her PhD research.

Beverly has also worked on the following Home Office policies – the Prolific and Other Priority Offender Programme and the Integrated Offender Management Programme. During her 12 year career in the UK Government her roles have included conducting research projects, managing and commissioning research contracts and advising policy colleagues about the application and relevance of research in policy and practice.

Beverly was awarded a fees only bursary from the University of Reading (2010-2013) and was awarded the SSA studentship in 2015 to help support her PhD research.

Beverly holds a BSc (Joint Hons) in Psychology & Criminology (Keele University) and an MSc in Forensic Psychology (Middlesex University). Her future career aspirations are to continue to conduct research within the addictions field with the hope to be able to inform and help develop policy, strategy and practice.