Carol-Ann Getty

SSA Griffith Edwards Research Fellow


Carol-Ann Getty is an SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellow at the National Addiction Centre, King’s College London. Carol specialises in Contingency Management behavioural interventions to encourage treatment-related behaviour change among individuals with substance use disorder. More specifically, Carol’s work has explored the feasibility and acceptability of delivering Contingency Management behavioural interventions remotely using mobile telephones (mCM). Carol has experience in the development and implementation of clinical trials to explore how mCM can be used to enhance clinical outcomes (e.g., medication adherence) for individuals with opioid use disorder. Before joining King’s in 2017 to undertake an SSA PhD Studentship, Carol worked at Johns Hopkins Baltimore, implementing and evaluating CM interventions to achieve and maintain abstinence in treatment-resistant drug users. She also has experience of working within residential drug and alcohol detox units, substance misuse treatment centres and homeless hostels.