Dr Dr Hamid Noori

Associate Professor / Group Leader


I have devoted my scientific career to developing multidisciplinary approaches to investigate the dynamics of neurobiological processes associated with substance use disorders. In particular, we have been developing and utilizing modern data mining methods, machine/deep learning techniques and mathematical analysis to extract and integrate data from animal experiments into new hypotheses. By screening 338,982 publications, we have systematically collected and analyzed data of 147,138 rats, which has been integrated into two open-access databases; www.syphad.org and www.chemnetdb.org. Thereby, we have been able to characterize the multiscale neurochemical connectome of the rat brain as well as a novel evidence-based classification strategy for neuropsychiatric drugs. Moreover, we have established a unique experimental environment that allows accurate prediction of addiction onset and characterization of disease dynamics. Receiving the Fred Yates Prize is a big honour and  a highly encouraging acknowledgment of appropriateness of multidisciplinary approaches in this complex field of research.