Hannah Carver

Lecturer in Substance Use


I am a Lecturer in Substance Use at University of Stirling, teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level on drug and alcohol policy and interventions. I am a qualitative researcher with interests in families, young people, women and homelessness. I am working on several research and knowledge exchange activities in health, homelessness and substance use. I am involved in a NIHR funded feasibility study of a peer-delivered relational intervention for people experiencing homelessness and problem substance use; a CSO funded study of Managed Alcohol Programmes in Scotland; a SSA funded project of substance use prevention in young people; and an anti-stigma campaign for families affected by the death of a loved one due to drugs/alcohol. I am also working on several systematic reviews, including metaethnographies, realist reviews and integrative reviews, in the area of substance use, mental health and homelessness.