Dr. Jan Klimas


Dr. Klimas graduated with a Psychology MSc degree from Trnava University in Slovakia where he specialized in factors conducive to changes in drug users undergoing residential treatment in therapeutic communities. He then pursued a PhD in Social Psychology, at the same university, which investigated the quality of social interaction and personality characteristics of drug users across a range of settings. Having studied the subject using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, he then moved on to synthesize the evidence base on psychosocial interventions for problem alcohol use in illicit drug users through a Cochrane systematic literature review at the University College Dublin and at the University of Limerick, Ireland. In addition to the Cochrane Training Fellowship from Health Research Board Ireland (2010), Jano was also awarded INVEST fellowship from NIDA (2013). He assessed the use of Screening and Brief Intervention (SBIRT) for alcohol use disorders among patients receiving agonist medication for opioid use disorders in Portland, OR. The US provided opportunities for comparative research with Ireland.