Kiran Santlal

Registrar in Addictions Psychiatry


Dr. Kiran Santlal graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in 2008 and began working in Psychiatry of Addictions in 2014, with people who were dependent on Heroin, and later with people experiencing adverse effects associated with chemsex.

Current work and organisation:
He is currently working as a Registrar in Addictions Psychiatry, in the HSE National Drug Treatment Centre. Dr. Santlal has worked in the Club Drugs Clinic Ireland since its inception in 2014, with experience in Gamma Hydroxybutyrate and Methamphetamines.

Areas of particular interest:
Dr. Santlal is an MD candidate, researching the physical & psychosocial effects of Chemsex, enabling the development of a specialised service and the integration of affiliated services in Ireland.

Intentions for future work:
Following his MD thesis, Dr. Santlal will continue to work with his colleagues in the areas of Addictions Psychiatry, General Adult Psychiatry, Sexual Health, and Emergency Medicine to develop an effective and efficient service, to manage and reduce the harms associated with chemsex.