Dr Lucy Gell


Based at the University of Sheffield, I am a science writer for work area 3 of ALICE RAP (Addiction and Lifestyles in Contemporary Europe – Reframing Addictions Programme), focusing on understanding the determinants of ‘risky’, ‘harmful’ and ‘cessation of harmful’ substance use and gambling. Our team is comprised of experts from more than 10 disciplines, resulting in a broad insight into the determinants of addiction as well as learning around the benefits and challenges of multidisciplinary work.

My background is in public health, having completed an MPH and PhD in public health at the University of Sheffield. In addition to work on the determinants of addiction, I am particularly interested in research around behaviour change and the health and well-being of older adults. My PhD explored drinking behaviour change in older adults following diagnosis with a long-term condition and in future work I intend to further examine the challenges to behaviour change in older adulthood and explore tools and techniques to aid successful behaviour change in this population.