Dr Marcus Tan


Dr Marcus Peng Jie Tan, BSc MBBS

Academic Clinical Fellow ST3 in Psychiatry.

Dr Tan is in the third year of an academic clinical fellowship in psychiatry based in Plymouth University, where he is also training in psychiatry. His interests in behavioural addiction and social isolation inspired him to carry out his current project with the National Problem Gambling Clinic (NPGC), London, under the supervision of Dr Henrietta Bowden-Jones. This project aims to inform the debate on whether behavioural addictions should be classified as separate, based on the behaviours they involve.

Dr Tan’s interests in this area originated from initial work on the Hikikomori: a Japanese syndrome of social withdrawal that has been suggested to be linked to internet addiction. In addition to his work with the NPGC, he continues to collaborate with colleagues from Japan on this topic as well. He aims to advance his clinical knowledge alongside his interests in research, providing evidence-based answers to the behavioural addictions debate.