Raj Badhan



Dr Raj Badhan is a Pharmacist and Lecturer in Pharmacokinetics at Aston University, having extensively trained in pharmacokinetics with the world-renowned Centre for Applied Pharmacokinetics Research, within the School of Pharmacy at the University of Manchester.

Raj has a broad background and interest in applying the principles of clinical pharmacokinetics to challenging pre-clinical and clinical scenarios in the context of medicines optimisation. As a pharmacokineticist and practicing pharmacist, he has a singular vision of developing tools and approaches which provide clear end-user/clinical benefits. This approach has driven successes in developing research tools to engage in medicines optimisation in drug abuse. His current work on methadone (in conjunction with Rosalind Gittins [Humankind]) has been published and we are working on a case review to examine the implications of our findings in clinical practice.