Dr Rebecca Monk

Senior Lecturer in Psychology


I am a social psychologist with interests in health and I work as a lecturer in psychology at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, Liverpool.  My research to date has focused primarily on the beliefs, perceptions and expectancies which drive substance use. I employ a range of methodologies (including laboratory and field research) and I am particularly interested in how social and environmental contexts impact people’s alcohol-related cognitions. Related to this, I have also developed an interest in developing methodologies which more effectively measure the influence of context on participants’ responses. To this end, I have designed and utilised novel technology-based research methods which have enabled; a) context aware experiential sampling via a smartphone application b) contextual cueing utilising panoramic filming and projection to create an immersive viewing experience. I am currently involved in collaborations with colleagues in my department and at Ulster University, leading the design of a study which is aimed at investigating the effect of environmental contexts on implicit cognitions. I am also engaged in a research project with members of Plymouth University, which examines reasoning and decision making in regard to emotive imagery and health warnings. Furthermore, I am presently working on a research Grant from Alcohol Research UK which is examining in vivo alcohol consumption using a specially designed Smartphone application.