Dr Richard Rosenthal


Dr. Rosenthal, a board-certified psychiatrist with subspecialty certification in addiction psychiatry, is Professor, Department of Psychiatry at Stony Brook University School of Medicine; the Inaugural Director of Addiction Psychiatry at Stony Brook Medicine; and since 2003, the Head of Public Policy at the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry. He has been active in research, education, program development, treatment and public policy related to addiction.

His research has focused on evaluating and treating mentally ill patients with co-occurring addictive disorders and developing novel treatments for substance use disorders, and he has a special interest in medical informatics and the more direct uses of technology in identifying and treating substance use and other mental disorders. Active in clinical trials, he led the pivotal study for FDA approval of buprenorphine implants for opioid use disorder (Rosenthal et al. JAMA 2016;316:282-290).