Dr Robert Tait

PhD and Graduated from the University of Western Australia (BSc Honours in Psychology)


Dr Robert Tait graduated from the University of Western Australia (BSc Honours in Psychology) before completing his PhD at the same institution. Hi PhD focused on screening and intervention programs for adolescents treated in hospital emergency departments. Dr Tait currently has a Curtin University Fellowship and works at the National Drug Research Institute in Western Australia, with his research interests being around alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and in particular how these relate to mental health disorders. He is also involved in the development of new treatment interventions, delivery of interventions to new groups and the use of new modes of delivery, such as internet delivered treatment. He has also used existing datasets, including the WA Data Linkage System, to assess the long-term relationships between substance use mental / physical health disorders and self-harm behaviours. In addition to further research on internet interventions, he is developing projects on substance use and self-ham in older adults plus the delivery of screening and brief intervention programs through other health providers.