Sarah Jackson

Senior Research Fellow


Sarah is a Principal Research Fellow in the UCL Alcohol and Tobacco Research Group. Her work focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of smoking cessation aids and interventions on an individual and population level. Key advances resulting from her recent work include an evaluation of the real-world effectiveness of all the major quitting aids; meta-analysis of relapse from smoking cessation pharmacotherapies; quantification of the decline in cigarette consumption in England; evaluation of a London-based cessation campaign; analysis of effects of e-cigarette use; and investigation of smoking and Covid-19 relevant outcomes (e.g. infection and vaccine intentions).

Sarah communicates the latest science and advocates for evidence-based policy and practice through engagement with policy-makers, healthcare professionals, and the public. She sits on Action on Smoking and Health’s advisory council, the London Smoking Cessation Transformation Programme board, and is an academic editor at Addiction.