Dr Stefano Casalotti


Research Area

The focus of my lab are the cellular molecular mechanisms by which alcohol alters long term behaviours. We use as a  model the fruit fly Drosophila Melanogaster which dispalys several alcohol induced behaviours that can be related to the human responses to acute and chroic alcohol exposure.  We are currently investigating the role of opiate antagonists and of GABA-B agonist and antagonist on the tolerance and preference behaviours . Additionally we are investigating the role of G-Proteins gene expression in the response of to alcohol exposure.


I obtained my PhD from Imperial College London. My thesis was a study of the molecular structure of the GABA-A receptor. I moved to Georgetown University (USA) where I carried out molecular work on the NMDA receptor and cloniing of pthe periheral benzodiazepine receptor. At Mahidol University (thailand) I lead on molecular research on amphetamines derivatives and opioid drugs. At UCL I joined the Ear Institute and focussed on the role of connexins and of the opioid receptors in hearing function. Currently at Univesristy of East London we are investigating  the mecahnisms of alcohol addiciton in a fruit fly model