Katie East

Research associate


Katie East is an SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellow at the National Addiction Centre, King’s College London. Her work focuses on understanding nicotine and tobacco product use and perceptions and how these can be changed through policy, with a focus on youth and young adults. Katie specialises in analysing population-level data in England, Canada, and internationally, and she co-leads the England arm of the International Tobacco Control Policy Evaluation Project – the world’s largest tobacco policy evaluation programme (http://www.itcproject.org/). Her previous research has included understanding social norms towards smoking and vaping and their associations with regulatory environments and behaviours, and understanding the impact of specific policies (e.g., legal age of e-cigarette sale laws, flavour restrictions, warning labels, menthol cigarette bans) on vaping and smoking behaviours. She also researches public perceptions of ‘novel’ tobacco products, such as IQOS. Her work has been used as evidence in UK Parliament to inform e-cigarette regulations and she has written reports on the topic of vaping for the Department of Health and Social Care, the US FDA, and Health Canada. She is also the Operations Coordinator for the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) Policy Research Network, which aims to undertake and better inform projects that address policy research in the field of nicotine and tobacco.