Miss Camille Goetz

NIHR Maudsley BRC PhD Student

Research Area

Mechanisms of change in cocaine use disorder


Camille Goetz  is a current NIHR Maudsley BRC PhD Student at the Addictions Department, IOPPN, King’s College London. Her project focuses on the mechanisms of change in cocaine use disorder. She is particularly interested in maladaptive imagery in craving and the role of imagery in substance misuse treatment. Her supervisors are Prof. John Marsden and Prof. Sir John Strang. Camille graduated from City University London in 2014 with a BSc in Psychology and in 2015 from King’s College London with a MSc in Addictions Studies. She has since worked as a clinical research assistant on the ‘Memory-Focused Cognitive Therapy for Cocaine Use Disorder’ pilot trial before beginning her PhD.