Miss Eirini Tatsi

Senior Teaching Fellow in Psychology


I graduated from the University of Central Lancashire in 2013 having completed an MRes in Psychology. During my postgraduate studies, I have worked as a Research Assistant on a series of health-related projects. I have taught psychology modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in UK institutions. I have also worked as a practitioner at Mental Health Clinic in Greece. Currently I am a Lecturer in Health Psychology at the University of Derby, Online Learning. I am a Module Leader in a series of research-related modules and a module on Addictive Behaviours. My research concerns the psychological and neuro-psychological aspects of eating psychopathology. Currently I am particularly interested in area of food addiction. I am specifically interested in understanding potentially pathological and addictive food behaviours, their phenomenological experience, clinical presentation and treatment. My intention is to continue working in and publish the ongoing research on food addiction and loneliness and to contribute to the Society for the Study of Addiction.