Mr Gregory Howard


Gregory completed his BA in Psychology at the University of Mississippi in 2010. He spent six months studying abroad at UEA during his undergraduate degree and returned to the UK to complete his MSc in Child and Family Psychology in 2011.

Gregory worked as a research assistant on a project concerning the effects of methamphetamine on the core temperature of rats while at the University of Mississippi. During his MSc he was involved in research to enhance student confidence and employability, headed by Professor Philip Corr, as well as students’ binge drinking with Dr Victoria Scaife. Gregory also worked with Dr Andrew Bayliss in 2011/12 for research on convergent gaze stimuli.

Gregory gained a studentship from UEA and started his PhD in the School of Psychology in October 2012. He is supervised by Dr Victoria Scaife and Dr Charles Seger. His current research focuses on young people and alcohol, specifically expanding the Theory of Planned Behaviour, considering Social Identity Theory and Implicit Attitudes measures in the prediction of students’ binge drinking. Plans for upcoming experiments include testing Identity Signalling as a method for reducing binge drinking in university students.