Mrs Stephanie Dugdale

Research Associate


Stephanie Dugdale is a research associate at Breaking Free Group in Manchester. Prior to joining Breaking Free, Stephanie completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Manchester and an MSc in Health Psychology at Liverpool John Moores University. Her current role focuses on expanding the evidence base for Breaking Free Online (BFO), a computer-assisted therapy (CAT) treatment and recovery programme substance misuse and comorbid mental health difficulties. Stephanie’s background is in Health Psychology, so her current projects include identifying the active behavioural change techniques (BCTs) contained within the programme in addition to exploring diffusion and implementation of this novel treatment approach throughout the substance misuse sector. She has an ongoing interest in peer mentor delivery of CAT, with future research interests including co-production of CAT services with peer mentors and the wider recovery community with the aim of developing a training model for peer mentor delivery of BFO. In addition, Stephanie has an interest in health care delivery outcomes of CAT programmes more generally, and the impact of multi-disciplinary working throughout the substance misuse sector. Stephanie is working towards applying to the Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology and hopes to work as both a practitioner and researcher in the future.