Ms. Annette Dale Perera

Director ADP Consultancy UK

Research Area

All aspects of addiction.


I have worked in substance misuse since being a volunteer at Leeds Addiction Centre in 1982. I was a practitioner for 6 years working in community services and therapeutic communities,   I was a research fellow for 6 years at the Centre for Drugs and Health Behaviour, University of London, I was Director of Policy at SCODA/DrugScope for 6 years, Director of Quality at the National Treatment Agency on Substance Misuse (NTA) for 7 years, and Strategic Director of Addiction and Offender Care for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust for 5 years until November 2014.
I have been a member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs since 2010 and co-chair of the Recovery Committee
I was a commissioner on the UK Drug Policy Forum for 6 years.
I have authored and co-authored over 50 research, policy, practice and national guidance documents in these roles.