Ms Natalia Romeo Samo


Natalia has recently completed her studies at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, with an MSc in Neuroscience. She also holds a BSc in Psychology (Bournemouth University). Her research interests include Cognitive Psychology, Addiction Biology and Neuropsychology of mental health. Her future aspirations are to continue with research and clinical work within psychology, and to become a chartered psychologist.

Background: Autonoetic consciousness is a component of episodic memory which involves the ability to mentally travel back and forward in time, mentally representing personal events and re- or pre-experiencing them. Autonoetic consciousness relating to re-experiencing past events has been found to be negatively affected by alcohol, both chronically and acutely. However, the effects of acute alcohol on the ability to pre-experience future events are yet to be explored.