Sheng Zhi Zhao

PhD student


Ms. Sheng Zhi Zhao is a Ph.D. student at the School of Nursing of the University of Hong Kong. She received her nursing degree and M.P.H. from the Peking Union Medical College and the University of Hong Kong, respectively. She has started her Ph.D. study since 2017.

Ms. Zhao is an investigator of smoking cessation randomized controlled trial using chat-based mHealth support for quitting among community smokers in Hong Kong. She was interested in health promotion and mobile phone health research and experienced in the smoking cessation for community and hospitalized smokers.

She also conducted population-based cross-sectional studies on the emerging infectious disease (COVID-19) and mental health responses. She has published papers for the research fields.

Ms. Zhao intends to work on using information communication technologies for changing addictive behaviors (e.g. delivering smoking cessation intervention remotely through mobile phone-based model).