Professor Mats Berglund

Professor emeritus in Clinical Alcohol Research, Lund University


Mats Berglund MD. PhD. has been associated with Lund University from the 1960-th. He  was appointed professor in Clinical Alcohol Research at Lund University and Malmö University Hospital in 1988. He became Professor emeritus 2008.

He has been chairman in the group presenting the systematic review on Treatment of drug and alcohol abuse in 2001 and has been an expert member in the group working with guidelines (2007) as well as in the commission on substance abuse (2010).

He early published papers on brain imaging in alcohol dependence. He has prospectively studied the long-term course in alcohol dependence and in melancholic depression including suicidal behaviour. He has presented papers on pharmacological and psychosocial treatment in alcohol dependence. During later years he has worked with intervention for risky alcohol consumption in university students and prevention for overdoses in heroin addicts.