Roy Robertson

Professor of Addiction Medicine


Roy Robertson is Professor of Addiction Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Centre for Population Health Sciences. He was a partner at the Muirhouse Medical Group in Edinburgh from 1980 until 2022. He has a special interest in illegal drug use and associated harms including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, and drugrelated deaths. He has been a member of UK, European, and WHO advisory groups and policy committees for over 30 years, a member of the ACMD for 10 years, and was Chair of the Home Office Shipman committee. He was a member of the recent Department of Health guidelines committee on the management of drug misuse (and was a member of the same group in 1990 and 2007). He was chair of the Scottish National Forum on DrugRelated Deaths (NFDRD). He is on Scottish Government drug policy advisor groups and recently retired from the Royal Medical Household.