Thomas Phillips


Professor Phillips qualified as a registered mental nurse in 1991, and has collaborated on a number of epidemiological studies and randomised controlled trials related to alcohol screening and brief interventions in emergency departments, primary care and criminal justice settings. Awarded an NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, he obtained a Doctorate in Addiction Science at King’s College London, undertaking the epidemiological analysis of alcohol use disorders within emergency departments. Professor Phillips has extended this area of research to examine the impact of length of stay (LOS) on alcohol withdrawal hospital readmissions and emergency department attendances in England. Professor Phillips is an investigator on the NIHR-funded ADAM study and is Chief Investigator on the FASTer Access to Alcohol Treatment Study. He is a member of the UK Alcohol Clinical Guidelines Expert Group, Public Health England and has recently completed a study for NHS England & Improvement supporting the development of clinical competencies for hospital-based Alcohol Care Teams in England.