Qutba Al Ghafri

PhD student


Qutba Al Ghafri is an international PhD student at King’s College London who is funded by the Omani Ministry of Higher Education, Research, and Innovation. Her research is on the barriers and facilitators to accessing drug treatment services for people who use drugs in Muslim communities, with a focus on Oman, using qualitative methods. She graduated with a Master’s degree in addiction sciences from King’s College London in 2017.

Prior to her PhD, in Oman, she worked as an academic at Oman College of Health Sciences, and worked with clients at the substance misuse unit and the behavioural medicine clinic. After the PhD, she is aiming to contribute to the drug addiction treatment practice and policy in Oman.

Qutba’s research interests is on drug addiction, people who use/inject drugs, women who use drugs, drug addiction in Muslim communities and stigma.