Steve Gay

Senior Policy Officer


Steve Gay is an MSc Health Psychology graduate of the University of Derby currently working as a Senior Policy Officer for Public Health & Wellbeing, Government of Jersey. Prior to this Steve worked as an Arrest Referral Worker for Jersey’s Alcohol & Drug Service and as the Substance Misuse Therapist at HMP La Moye. During this time Steve became interested in Adverse Childhood Experiences, health inequalities and problematic substance use which paved the way for his MSc research.

Alongside trauma and addiction Steve has other research interests such as: Novel Psychoactive Substances and drug landscapes, drug use behaviour and behaviour change, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, cannabis-based medicines, and drug policy.

Steve is currently planning a PhD to explore the themes of how trauma influences addiction, the effectiveness of psychedelics in both trauma and addiction treatment and how drug policies can lead to increased health inequalities for who are addicted while simultaneously delaying access to promising (psychedelic) treatments.