Suzanne Frisbee

PhD student


Suzanne Frisbee is PhD student at Duke University’s School of Nursing in Durham, North Carolina, USA. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Neuroscience in 2012; her senior thesis was on the brain wave activity of a mindfulness meditation stress reduction intervention in college students. She went on to complete an internship with the National Science Foundation and worked in a behavioral neuroscience lab at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, conducting research on stress and addiction, more specifically, the interceptive effects of alcohol and nicotine on drug seeking behaviors and relapse after a stressful event. Suzanne received her nursing degree in 2016 and hopes to combine her neuroscience background in stress and addiction with her nursing knowledge. Particularly, how stressful environments and/or events impact susceptibility to addiction, and preventive measures that can be taken to ensure that addictive behaviors do not develop in adolescence and carry on into adulthood.