Reinforcing Behaviour Change in Addiction Treatment Conference


The Reinforcing Behaviour Change in Addiction Treatment took place at Kings College in April 2019 and was supported by the SSA alongside the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The event presented research funded by the NIHR PGfAR (project reference RP-PG-0707-10149) across four sessions:

Session 1 – A potentially effective treatment: Principles of reinforcing behaviour change using contingency management and existing evidence for its effectiveness

Chair: Prof Sir John Strang

  • Using positive reinforcement to change behaviour (Dr Timothy Weaver)
  • International evidence for contingency management and NICE guidelines: (Dr Nicola Metrebian)
  • UK experience of providing contingency management (Robert Wolstenholme)

Session 2 – Reinforcing participation in health interventions: The Hepatitis B Trial

Session chair: Dr Owen Bowden-Jones

  • Using modest financial incentives to encourage completion of hepatitis B vaccination schedule
  • Background and methods (Dr Nicola Metrebian)
  • Results (Dr Timothy Weaver)
  • Modelling the long-term consequences and costs of using contingency management to encourage completion of hepatitis B vaccinations (Prof Alan Brennan)

Session 3 – Reinforcing abstinence from heroin: The PRAISE trial

Session chair: Dr Ed Day

  • Using contingency management to encourage abstinence from heroin (Dr Nicola Metrebian KCL and Dr Kimberley Goldsmith)
  • Drug service staff and service user experience of receiving contingency management (Dr Timothy Weaver)
  • The cost effectiveness of adding contingency management to opiate substitution treatment (Prof Sarah Byford)

Session 4 – Implications for policy and practice and new research directions

Session chair: Prof Sir John Strang

  • Staff training and supervision for delivering contingency management in addiction services (Prof Stephen Pilling)
  • New practice and research directions:
  • Targeting reduced cannabis use in mental health populations: The CIRCLE Trial (Dr Luke Sheridan Rains
  • Delivery of contingency management via mobile technology (Carol-Ann Getty)
  • Final concluding remarks (Prof Sir John Strang, KCL)

The below videos provide an overview of the day and details of the views and findings from a number of researchers.