MA in Comparative Drug and Alcohol Studies

First published: 13 March 2019 | Last updated: 09 October 2020

MA in Comparative Drug and Alcohol Studies – England – London

Organisation/institution: Middlesex University


Contact: Professor. Karen Duke


Number: 020 8411 5555

Course location: England – London

Course address:

UK/EU Admissions Enquiries
Middlesex University
Hendon Campus

NB: The course is online distance learning, part-time only, recruiting a new cohort every 2 years (ie, the next one will be in September 2021). Students are required to attend an intensive study week (4 days) with face-to-face teaching at the beginning of the programme at one of the partner institutions usually arranged in late September.

Course Description:

“The use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco has become a major concern for most governments across the world. This has resulted in increasing international and European collaboration to devise policies and approaches to address problems related to substance use/misuse. There has also been a considerable expansion in research, data gathering and scientific publishing in many countries and various action plans and strategies have been produced.

This master’s degree is designed for those who want to expand their knowledge and understanding of these drug and alcohol issues, including policies and interventions, within a comparative context. It is relevant to policymakers and practitioners, and to students and researchers working in, associated with, or preparing to enter this field.Over the course of the programme you will gain the knowledge and skills required to investigate and analyse drug and alcohol use, problem use, addiction, and their responses, from a multi-disciplinary and cross-national perspective.

The master’s is being run jointly by four universities: Middlesex University; Aarhus University (Denmark); University of Torinio (Italy); and Universitas Miguel Hernandez de Elche-Alicante (Spain). With access to a group of European teachers and students, you will have opportunities to share research findings as well as experiences and personal knowledge about your own countries. You will also have the chance to study in partner universities or undertake placements in Europe and international agencies and gain career development through utilising work-based learning approaches and internships.

The programme is taught primarily through distance learning methods complemented by some face-to-face tuition.”

Course Highlights:

  • Unique comparative perspective
  • Delivered by experts at four universities across Europe (Denmark, Italy, Spain and the UK)
  • Students have the opportunity to work and collaborate with staff and fellow students across Europe and internationally
  • Option to study in partner universities or undertake placements in European and international organisations, such as the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
  • Opportunities for career development through utilising work-based learning approaches and internships
  • Possibilities for CPD study.