Women in Addiction: A systems perspective to prevention and treatment

First published: 13 March 2019 | Last updated: 07 October 2019


Dr Qiana Brown

Assistant Professor

Dr. Qiana Brown is an epidemiologist, social worker, and assistant professor of social work and urban-global public health at Rutgers University. Her research examines how the social environment shapes substance use and other behavioral health outcomes among women, youth, and families. Dr. Brown earned a PhD in drug dependence epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins University before completing a postdoctoral research fellowship in substance abuse epidemiology at Columbia University. She also founded and directs a community-based, drug treatment center – Jane’s House of Inspiration – focused on helping women, families, and communities address problems related to substance use disorders.

The purpose of this talk is to help bridge the gap between research, practice, community, and policy in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders. The role of socioenvironmental systems in substance use disorders, and the importance of accounting for these systems in treatment and prevention efforts will be discussed, with an emphasis on women-centered treatment and prevention strategies.




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Dr Qiana Brown