SSA PhD Symposium 2020

The SSA’s PhD Symposium is an annual event for addictions PhD students to share their work through presentations and networking.

The 2020 PhD Symposium was held online because of COVID-19. For many students, there were few opportunities in 2020 to discuss their PhD related experiences, findings and challenges with peers, making this year’s event important for many.

The Symposium was divided into several sessions:

– Lived experiences
– Systematic reviews
– Addiction and mental health comorbidities
– Alcohol and opioids
– Interventions and treatment
– Addiction and cognition
– Addiction and policy
– Mood and affect
– Treatment and recovery
– Smoking and gambling

There was also a career advice panel at the end of the day.

The event was organised by Dr Inge Kersbergen, Dr Nathan Critchlow and Ms Maike Klein.