Feature: Addiction Lives

The journal Addiction’s long running interview series, ‘Addiction Interviews’, was reintroduced in 2017 as ‘Addiction Lives’a joint print /web collaboration with the Society for the Study of Addiction. The new series is under the editorship of Professor Virginia Berridge and was introduced in an Addiction editorial by Jean O’Reilly and Robert West. Read more here.

Addiction Interviews ran for 36 years under the editorship of Professor Griffith Edwards. The series provided wide ranging conversations with over 100 people who had contributed to the field of addiction studies, at local, national and international levels. It focussed in particular on the scientists of the field and those who had developed the link with policy.  Thomas Babor has reflected on these interviews and the full series of 111 interviews is available as a virtual issue on the Wiley Online library.

Those interviews were largely unstructured and the interviewer was always anonymous. The new series is a joint effort with the same mission as the original series. The full interviews are published online on the SSA website and a summary is published in Addiction. The online platform allows enhanced content such as audio and video recordings and a hyperlinked short bibliography of the interviewee’s work. Addiction continues to commission the series and suggestions for interviewees are welcome – if you have a suggestion, please email jean@addictionjournal.org.