SSA Annual Conference 2024


The SSA’s Annual Conference is the UK’s foremost gathering of addiction researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and experts by experience.

Where and when?

Location: Crowne Plaza Newcastle, Stephenson Quarter, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3SA

Dates: Thursday 14 November and Friday 15 November

PhD Symposium

The SSA’s PhD Symposium is a free event for PhD students and people who are close to finishing or have recently submitted their thesis, and will be held in Newcastle on Wednesday 13 November 2024.

Present at the 2024 Annual Conference

The Annual Conference will include oral presentations and dedicated poster sessions. These offer opportunities for delegates to present their research (including aims, findings, and implications) to their peers.

SSA announces 2024 Society Lecture

The Society Lecture at the SSA’s next Annual Conference will be given by Professor Ann McNeill. The title of the talk is, ‘Tobacco harm reduction – controversies and potential resolutions’.

Ann is Professor of Tobacco Addiction in the Department of Addictions at King’s College London.


Previous conferences


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